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Lack was interviewed for Belpop about his 'Scabs'-period. True an official press release Lack informed us he is proud to be subtitled. If you missed it, check out some vids at the canvas-site.

As you all know living the Bo Diddley-groove found its origin in the African Clave Rythms. The same where also LFDE found its inspiration. Well, the picture proves that kindred spirits are destined to meet.

(Shake & Urundi Lack meet the originator)

Question: "What are you most looking forward to seeing here in America, John?"
Answer: "BO DIDDLEY!" (John Lennon, interviewed at The Beatles' first US news conference, February 1964)

TONECLUSTERS: Raving reviews!
Our frontbabe Shake-vévé-Mazimpaka is currently on tour with Kris De Bruyne, Jean-Marie Aerts, Filip Casteels, Henry Eylen and Patrick Riguelle in a project called Toneclusters. They play 2 LFDE-songs and get raving reviews! Hurry up to see them before summer. Check here for the dates. Click on following links for the pressreviews in De Morgen & De Standaard.